Saturday, October 22, 2005

BNT : Doorways

Brooke is from Illinois, brought up by a single mother, and she came to California to study on a scholarship.

She has only 2 friends, her roommate Carrie, a typical LA girl, and Alex, a smart student who is 2 years senior to her and whom she loves.

BNT's Doorways is Brooke's story, told to the audience sometimes through a monologue, sometime through enacted scenes. Told on a very special occasion [see the play to find out more :-)].

It is the story of how the big city college life affects a simple, small city freshman girl for whom this is the first time among strangers. It is the story of how misunderstandings can spoil relationships. It is a love story that begins with a kiss, rather than end at it, as Brooke says in the opening act.

And I am one bowled-over audience member!

From 8 to 10pm today, Danielle Faitelson kept on speaking, sometimes alone, facing a spotlight, sometimes with others enacting a scene. The story was composed of so many flashbacks and present day things, one would expect it to crumble in front of a friday-night audience. However, Daniel Frey's writing stood up to all these tests, at times predictable, at times shocking.

When it was over, the performers were given a standing ovation [I must say I was one of the first ones to stand], and a standing ovation they deserved, for a play well executed!

The range of emotions shown by Danielle was amazing, especially considering that she did not have breaks in between, and was present in all the scenes, facing the audience in a spotlight frontstage for nearly 40% of the play. I mean how many people can come back with a straight face just after a superbly executed sentimental scene? And that too for multiple times in a 2 hours, no breaks play!

Credit is also due to Nicholas Rutherford, Amanda Klein, Winthrop Ellsworth and Jessica Perlman for their powerful performances, Daniel Frey and Natalie Miston for their wonderful direction, and Griffin Behm, Chelsea Bardellini and Andre Rosa for handling the lights and the playbill.

Great job! If you are around USC, I recommend going to this play. It is playing on saturday and sunday also. [Sunday 2pm I am told.]. Entry is FREE, although you should help these bright students out with your donations!

That's all for tonight... sleep well people!

Luv and Luck,

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