Thursday, October 13, 2005

Of birth and death... and right and wrong

Today M sent me this link to an article about a couple welcoming their 16th child into this world.

Sadly, last night I saw no less than 4 media vans near the 29th street cafe near my house. Upon asking one of the mediapersons, I was told that the cops had found the girl (a USC student) who had dumped her new-born baby in a dumpster. The baby was found dead some days ago.

Read the article about it here.

The saddest part is that the girl chose to abandon the baby, although by law one can abandon a baby at any fire station [there is one very close to where the baby was found], and no questions are asked. I wonder what made her choose to kill a newborn.

One can assume that she thought that the baby will survive, but lets be reasonable... how long can a baby that small [the umbilical chord was still attached] survive in a cardboard box in a dumpster?

What do you say, dear readers? I am sure you hold a variety of views on this.


  1. hmm sad -- very sad and dissapointing -- no doubt it was sick -- yet I wonder what was going on in the mind of a 21 yr old girl to do that

  2. Sad ..Pretty sad..

    Though, I am not sure if every1 in this country is educated about the fact that you can abandon the baby at a fire station, and they would take it, no questions asked.

    2 things make me sad:
    1.lack of information, which is pretty evident
    2. such ruthlessness towards your own child is abs unwarranted. I mean, there could be so many obvious places (as opposed to a garbage outside a house, ), where she could have left the baby, so that someone could find her and at least get her to the cops/fire dept (also given the fact tht the cops and fire dept are so efficient, they would have done something abt it). I wonder if the garbage dump thing was out of pure anger or insanity...

    In either case, i would not take any excuse in this case....

    Though, one question strikes me, this is prob a sinful act, but abortion of an unwanted child a sinful act too?...

    I am not sure of the answer...but then...things to ponder abt

  3. Really very sad to hear of such an incident. Though this is quite common with uneducated people ,I am really surprised to see a College student doing this.

    This however has two sides.

    1) What happened to the mother

    Is she still alive. In what circumstances she had to do such a thing.

    2) If she is still alive long do you think she can live with this guilt in her heart of killing an innocent infant.

    To even think of doing such a think she should have had (A) lot of Courage (B) A heart void of feelings.

    The two people responsible for this are either too ignorant or really didnt care for anythig other than fullfilling their lustrous desired.

    Anyways we can just comment and not judge people.....irrespective of what the situation was no one should be allowed to commit such a brutal crime. I feel sorry

  4. Though a very sad incident and a wrong act, but why should just the mother suffer?? Why should she be in jail for 10 years... Where is the father who was equally responsible for the child?? Shouldnt even he be punished for no concern for the new born...

    I am sure he would have been involved atleast in the decision of not aborting the child.... and whatever circumstances developed later might have forced the mother to commit such a crime...

    But i feel the father is equally responisble for this shameful act...