Thursday, March 16, 2006

So, just because it is tough, you won't do it?

A lot of you would have seen this quote in my signature, and I guess it is time to put it to practice.

The LA Marathon is here, this coming Sunday!

Here is the route. [switch off the elevations and unzoom a couple of levels to get a complete picture]. The mile markers are a bit off due to not considering elevation, but you get the idea.

Yes, my Ilio-Tibial band is not in the best shape, but I am still hoping to cross the finish line, a little late, a little limping, but crossing it for sure.

So wish me luck! [and be at Vermont and Expo at marathon day if you are in the USC area!]



  1. Good Luck! and dont worry abt that the Ilio-Tibial band, you are a Trojan. Fight on!

  2. Thanks for the supporting IMs and comments. I realized that the outsides of the heels of my shoes were worn, so going to replace them, and getting some knee supporting bands.


  3. All the very best chote !! May you finish the marathon with flying colours ...

    Tip: jab bhi (aur jaha bhi) race khatam karo, throw a few crayons in the air (pls carry them along) :-)

    May the force be with you ...

  4. Hey Pathak...go for it..Best of Luck..! 'No pain, No gain' yaad rakhna.

    - V

    P.S. Aur yeh crayons ka kya funda hai..? Is it some tradition?