Friday, March 31, 2006

So, What is your home?

Thanx: Thanks to all those who posted their comments on my Rang De Basanti post. If you have not posted one yet, please do - I am looking forward to them.

And now to the topic of the day ...

All us of have a homepage. No, not the one where you host information about yourself, I am talking about the one that opens by default when your browser starts. Some people have the default or firefox start pages, depending on the browser, whereas many have specified a specific page. Those pages range from news sites, search engines and movie showtime pages to modern day multi-information pages such as MSN Live, Google Personal Home Page and My Yahoo!.

For a long time, I was wondering what my homepage should be. Since google can be searched using the address box in Firefox, having it as homepage did not make sense. Then I chose the USC homepage, just for a trojan feeling whenever I open my browser.

It was during the search of the best homepage that the idea struck me, what if I can do some charity just by selecting a homepage? And that is why I chose the hunger site as my homepage. Just by clicking on the button, you can donate 1.1 cups of staple food to a hungry person somewhere - talk about RoI!

So my homepage for a long time was the hunger site, until I discovered, the Indian equivalent of the hunger site. I wanted to make that my homepage too, but felt sad betraying my old homepage.

And that is when the magic of firefox came in handy. Did you know that in firefox, you can have multiple pages open in multiple tabs automatically as you open your browser? Think of this as a homebook [as opposed to a homepage].

All you have to do is to to list all the urls separated by the pipe symbol [the " | ", located above the " \ "] in the homepage field, and there you have it, a homebook!

Request: I know you have your fav homepage, which you want to see. But please go to tools - options - general [or edit - preferences - general, if using Fx on Linux] on firefox, and set your homepage to

" | |"

Remember to remove the quotes, and replace the last url with your preferred homepage.

What this will do is that when you open firefox the next time, three tabs will open, with the hunger site in focus. Click, Close Tab, Click, Close Tab. You now are where you were before making this change, and you have already done two actions of charity! Talk about getting a warm fuzzy feeling first thing in the morning!

Question: Please post comments if you have any confusions in this process. I am sure any tab based browser would support it [IE users will have to wait till the next version, or download firefox :-) ].

Also, what is your homepage? I will be interested in reading the comments, as always.

Love and Luck,
P.S. and yes, if you are around the USC area on April1, we are having our first desi improv show! Do come! [In spite of the wonderful date, this is not a joke :-)]

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