Sunday, March 23, 2008

Holi-day in the sun

Yesterday, a bunch of us [some 25 people] celebrated holi at the beach.

We played with colors, sang holi songs, and ate samosa-chholey and laddoos ... it was a memorable one. We even made a new friend, who happened to be on the beach with his two cute little daughters, and wanted to play holi. There were also random people coming and saying - "you are celebrating the Indian festival of colors, can you please color us too ?"

The pics are here[Adarsh] and here[Arvind].

Fellow attendees, please chime in and let all know what happened :).

Holi thii!!!

1 comment:

  1. arre.... bahute mazaa aaya raha... samundar kinaare pehli baar holi manaye... tabiyat hari (aur laal :P) ho gayi ekdum.
    upar se samosa... chhole... laddoo... aahhhhaaaaahhhaaaa