Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Some 'racy' talk

... and by that, I mean talk about race [what did you think? :)]

Coming to the point, of late there has been a lot of Obama-bashing, including the attempts to bring race into the contest. Tina Fey even did a "bitch is the new black" update on SNL a couple of weeks ago to support her lady, Mrs. Clinton. There were other charges on him, including the fact that his pastor is a crazy racist guy who once said "god damn america".

Well, I support Obama, and while perhaps I will dedicate a later post entirely to reasons for this, this post is dedicated to two vides which I personally enjoyed in this race-charged environment for the, well, race for the democratic party nomination.

First, Tracy Morgan of 30 Rock showed up on SNL to make his case:

Secondly, Barack Obama himself made a speech addressing all these issues:

I love how he did not do the usual political thing -- pass a summary judgement, and pretend to be all pure. He instead, did something new -- admitted to having all those ills being inside him too, just like all of us. I personally love how he is not afraid to acknowledge what is, and try to make it better. Now that, my friends, is change.

Anyways, 'nuf said, enjoy the videos.


  1. The point Obama made about the race was a courageous effort on his part to bring end to this issue. But fundamental question still remains why he would take his daughters to this church even after knowing the hatred shown by the Rev. Wright, his pastor. He should have distanced himself from his pastor. As he says in his speech he can denounce him but he can not disown him. That is where I feel there is a bigger issue. All said and done I don’t know who is Wright and what he represents, but I know that in today’s speech Obama defended Wright.

    I can only “hope” that the race goes back to issues.

    Come November, let’s “hope” the best candidate win and make “history”.

  2. @Bhavin: Thanks for your comment. I do not see why he should have to distance himself from this guy, based solely on a very short summary of all that he had said. More can be read here.

    As Obama said, he can no more disown Wright, than he can disown his own white grandmother, who made racial remarks. I have often seen family members make comments I am not proud of, and disagreed with, but that does not mean disowning, in my opinion.

  3. Another interesting piece of analysis -- specifically geared toward the "grandmother" reference, is here.