Monday, March 03, 2008


Yup. 27 and going. :).

Last night, as is customary, I was bum-kicked, and applied cake over. There was also some cake-eating and dancing. Thanks to Adarsh, Joyita, Karthik, Kimish, Krishnakali, Neha, Pathik, Ram, and Rumi for showing up (and for the innovative gifts :P).

Thanks also to all those who have sent facebook wall posts, orkut scraps, IMs, emails, SMSs, eCards, phone calls, letters, greeting cards, pigeons etc. wishing me on this day :) [and will do, after seeing this post :)]. Thank you all!

As a gift for this day, I give you all, my readers, the picture of a certain female whose uber-pretty eyes truly get her the title of mriga-nayani (Doe-eyed).

[Another gift: Cool chemistry videos (ref: /.)]

So begins this year... an important one, for it will determine my future professional course [for those who don't know, I am finishing up my PhD this summer]. Wish me luck!

P.S. Congrats to Megan for finishing the LA Marathon yesterday. Welcome to the club!


  1. Thank you... and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  2. Anonymous1:46 AM

    I remember this time last year your GT status message was n=n+1. Was this year's n++ inspired by c++ ? Specifically, that 'things improve/advance as they develop/age' because c was the good first version, c+ the better second then c++ finally the best ?

    Hope you had a fun day :)


  3. well M, n++ is just shorthand for "n = n + 1". I guess I just got lazy :D.

  4. Clearly... as you get older, you get lazier! Mind it!!


  5. Happy birthday, Animesh!

    And thanks for those gift-links. The videos are wonderful.

  6. Rajini11:28 PM

    Belated Happy Birthday, dear A! BTW, whats the deal with the mrig-nayani pic?

  7. @megan, M, Shobhan, Abi, Princess: Thanks for the wishes!!

    Regarding the Mriganayani, I saw the pic while reading an article on wikipedia about Nilgai [don't ask me how I got there :) ], and liked it very much :D.

  8. Anonymous6:33 AM

    (you asked for it) but how did you get there ?