Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Teaching, open source, and straight-talk

Now here is a video that shows how one should teach. I am talking about the MIT physics professor who does not hesitate to risk his life to show that "physics works". Would love to be a fraction of what this guy is.. someday.

In other news, check out this website [via Gizmo's newsletter] of the top 50 non-free softwares and their open source alternatives.

And finally, for those who did not have the time to see the full video of the speech I posted yesterday, here is a short summary, saying pretty much what I wanted to say. [alt link in case the video below does not load]

I loved Jon Stewart's last line: "At 11am on Tuesday Obama spoke to Americans about race as though they were adults."

Won't it be nice if someone talked to Indians about caste, religion, and region-based differences like this :).

Update: Apparently he wrote the speech himself, not his speechwriters! wow!

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