Sunday, March 16, 2008

Painting the right wing

Sadly, a function to felicitate M F Hussain has been cancelled due to "protest" from a "Hindu" organization. A statement of victory is here.

Now, why was this protest/threat necessary? Apparently because Hussain's paintings are defamatory to Hindus. On that topic, the Indian Patriot has done an excellent rebuttal, with very interesting alternative interpretations. About time someone stood up to all this right-wing misinformation!


  1. If you are so fond of nudist Husain, you can call him to draw a NUDE painting of your mother, sister or wife(if married)

    He has purposefully shown his hatred for Hindus by painting Our Hindus (excluding you!) deities undressed!

    Why did he not shown same courtesy to Prophet or Yesu!

  2. @Proud Hindu: People suggest that one should not feed the troll, but I'll bite.

    First, thanks for showing your pride in Hinduism by not using your real name, but I welcome anonymous comments also, so I guess it is OK, but interesting nevertheless that you cannot identify yourself.

    Second, I have seen enough nude status and images of devis drawn by Hindu painters [there is one semi-clad kali image in my grandparent's home in India, which is deeply respected]. Any why do the hussain-protest websites not show the paintings of his where Durga actually is wearing clothes? Cherrypicking?

    Third, while one may not agree with a painter's choice, I do not see violence as a solution. Yes, people should be sensitive to religious sentiments, but if they are not, then we do not have the right to get violent towards them. You are more than welcome to paint a nude painting of his mother if that is what you want.

    Finally, you should see what they do to Yesu here in the US media [I am saying South Park]. Thankfully, free speech [even distasteful] is protected here. Can we try to be a bit more tolerant in India please?

  3. @animesh: Nice rebuttal!
    But again, better ignore the flamebait.