Saturday, July 19, 2008

Another picnic, Bastille Day pics from Frog, and a movie to watch

I still need to get my picasa account in order, so I guess I will let you all know of my adventures in France but linking to two wonderful posts.

First, Leesa has posted pictures of the picnic we had on the banks of the Seine last Wednesday. Another one coming up next week, and I intend to take some free dance lessons :).

And secondly, more pics of the Bastille day picnic from Frog with a Blog. Figured you all might be interested.

And finally, a movie recommendation. I watched High Fidelity yesternight, thanks to Zack. I am sure it would have been much more fun if I knew those songs, but the movie slowly grew on me, and I loved it! Strongly recommended [viewers cautioned for strong language and some adult situations].

Then I realized that it was similar to War, Inc., in that it has monologues by John Cusack, and his talented sister Joan also acting in the movie :). Zack tells me there is another one like that. Must look for it in the INRIA media library.

Well, that's it for now folks, off to buy some saucepans for ghar-grihasthi :).


  1. Hi --

    I have seen HF several times.. I'm a fan of John C! I generally like most of his films.. esp. the teen ones he did!!! Anyhow... See ya later on tonight at Dawn and Tom's!-- Leesa

  2. high fidelity is a great movie, you've inspired me to go back and watch it!