Wednesday, July 23, 2008

When you knowingly drive over a cliff ...

... you do it because you think that somehow, magically, it will all be OK. That you can have you cake [of bad habits] and eat it too [not get destroyed].

That is the thought that came to my mind when I was perusing two pieces pointed to me by my friends.

First, this NYTimes article [ref: B] about the USA debt crisis, which gives a very clear picture of how the whole system works. For those wanting more, check out the daily show interview of the author of "Confessions of a subprime lender".


Secondly, and perhaps pertinent to more people [how about 6+ billion?], is the following talk [ref: DK] by Douglas Adams, author of H2G2, among many other works. It is a bit long, but strongly recommended.

Among other things, he talks about saving the Kakapo, a huge endangered flightless New Zealander parrot with a wierd mating ritual. The best part is the reason why it is so.

Once again, as I said, watch it!


And finally, I leave you with these words from the book that I am reading nowadays in my journeys on the metro and the bus [more on that in another post]:

War is Peace;
Freedom is Slavery;
Ignorance is Strength.

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