Thursday, July 17, 2008

Unfounded food, and semi-long term job

Two things:
1. R sent this amazing article about what happens when you blindly use machine translation. Must watch :-). Also, make sure to look at the comments.

2. Valerie just told me that my INRIA postdoc fellowship application came through -- meaning that I am now funded on a no-strings attached 2 year fellowship here that she does not have to pay for :). Time to start hunting for an apartment :).

And as a bonus, some life updates. I am learning more french words here every day, and also making new friends. Leesa was kind to invite me to another picnic last evening, and to lunch in India-town on Sunday. Will be doing some more shopping at Carrefour this weekend.

On the work front, things are good too. I have been given my own office with enough sunlight that I don't need to switch on the lights, and a Dell Latitude D620 with a docking station and an extra monitor to work on. Must say it is nice to have your inbox open in a completely different monitor while you focus on the main screen. Discussions with group-mates are also going well, and they are very helpful with pointers, both for research and for life@INRIA.

and that's it for now,
A bientot!


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  1. Shopping at Carrefour!! Kewl - there are Carrefours all over the UAE and they're as synonymous with supermarkets as Safeway.

    If you haven't made plans for Christmas yet, consider coming to Dubai - KK and I might make a trip there around that time. It'll be fun - khana-vana, rehna etc. will be with my parents, obviously.

    Think about it.