Thursday, July 03, 2008

My Blog: New Rules

Some of you would have noticed that I went offline from my IMs yesterday. Well, that was a part of my final adieu to the University of Southern California, from where I flew out on the afternoon of July 1st.

This means that some things will change:

1. I won't be online 24x7 on my IMs. I do strongly recommend that you subscribe to the ATOM or RSS feed of this blog to keep up to date :). Use Google Reader if you can, works for me when I want to keep track of my friends' infrequently-posted entries.

2. My posting will be a bit more erratic -- some days there will be no posts, and some days there might be multiple posts :).

3. I will miss LA, and the people who made my life worth living there :-|.

'nuf said, off to bed now.
P.S. Wii Sports is amazing! and so is Rock Climbing :)

1 comment:

  1. enjoy the last few days in US !!!