Friday, July 25, 2008

The thing with French banks ...

... is that they do NOT post your check book and ATM card to you. They mail you the PIN code, and some letters, but you have to go to the bank to get the Checkbook and ATM card yourself.

A very secure method, I must say, but I didn't know it, and thus got these things some days late :).

In other news, I gave a talk yesterday in my new group about my PhD work, and apparently, people did understand what I was saying :). [there were many questions, which is always a good sign].

And in the afternoon, we had a party to celebrate Hassine's faculty appointment in the University of Paris. The snaps are here, but this is the team one :).

à bientôt,


  1. Nice photographs.Thanks for sharing.Happy for u.Nothing like having lots of friends around.

  2. great photo animesh! glad to hear you're doing so well and you're meshing into your new life flawlessly. miss you and your bear hugs!