Thursday, July 10, 2008

Au revoir!

The past few days have been fun -- visiting Atlanta, Washington DC, New York City and New Jersey, and I am supremely thankful to all those who hosted me, fed me, and enriched me with wonderful conversations.

And as an extension, the same holds for the past 5 years.

But now, it is time to leave, and I give you this:

For those looking for the Armageddon version, here it is.

til we meet again.




  1. bhai ( Dr. A).............always an inspiration....Best wishes and loads of luck & success for the new phase of life....But,I still beat you on going back home :)....cya at the airport :) :)

  2. This one sounds quite emotional...My pleasure Prof sahab to greet u and you are always welcome but one should never say " Au revoir "
    Say..." see you soon or phir milenge :)'
    All the best for your future... Paris me jaldi milenge :)))


  3. Must say, its wierd to think that I am going to get home and not hear you describe your day's happenings or what happened with all the friends you have and/or play the latest colbert/daily show/SNL/liberal news tidbit etc. Also, this is probably the most dedicated I've been to you blog - from when you left LA that is. It was great fun rooming with you for three years (Gosh - that sounds like a lot). Hopefully, you'll find cool roommates like me wherever you go ;-)
    My best wishes are always with you. I'm sure you'll do well wherever you are. Keep the spirits up (hopefully in more ways than one) and keep India safe and sound (or atleast Banaras).

    Raising a virtual glass to your next phase in life,

  4. Hi son,
    It just touched my heart and tears rolled out. I am sure everybody who came near u in one way or the other, even for a short while, is really going to miss u.I know u will be in touch, still, being in close proximity matters a lot for many people.May God bless u son,May u shine evermore.Happy and safe journey!

  5. Wait a second, WAIT ONE GODDAMN SECOND! You mean you weren't kidding when you said you're off to Paris?!

    (I mean, seriously, who goes to PARIS to study/teach whatever-the-hell-it-is-thingummyjig -computer-science-stuff)

    Ok, so I am in denial. And as usual, reality bites, and I start screaming about three hours later.

    *siiiigh* Well, as they say in French, "voulez-vous que le buerre?" which (I sincerely hope) translates to "How can we forget you?" All the best, say hi to Sarkozy, and keep away from his wife.

    People who say "it can't be done" shouldn't stop those who are doing it.

  6. Duniya bahut chhoti hai...
    phir milenge :)

    Good Luck !

  7. @Neha: thanks for the wishes, and the send-off at the airport.

    @Priyank: I should say a bientot instead :-) [ = see you soon]

    @Karthik: Thanks for the kinds words dude. I too will miss the dissenting voice to my liberal rants :). See you soon on the other side of the PhD!

    @Mom: Kitni baar senti hongi aap -- when I went to ITBHU, you cried, when I went to USC, you cried, and now to INRIA -- aapke aansoo Nirupa Roy ke aansuon ki tarah sookhte hi nahin :).

    @Aparna: Merci pour le buerre.

    @Adarsh: Shukriya!