Friday, October 24, 2008

And the Gaffy goes to ...

'tis the final stretch in the US presidential elections, and tensions are high. Prime time for slips-of-tongue, boo-boos, or as the official term goes -- Gaffes!

Watch the following video.. right till the end :)... amazing stuff!

On slightly more formal side, Brian Williams got to interview McCain and Palin


I wish Mr. Williams had some more cross questioning ["so, anyone who thinks he is better than others is an Elite? How abt McCain, who thinks he is better than anyone to be president now?"] and tried a bit harder to keep them on point ["please Ms. Palin, give me one 'precondition' you would place before a dictator before talking to them"].

Brian Williams' opinion of the interview here and here.

Also, it is just me, of does hearing Palin speak with her superlative use of conjunctions [and also but] make you also want you gouge your eyes out?

Finally, guess who else thinks that unregulated free markets were a bad idea.


  1. The first video doesn't work!

  2. @megan: Works for me. Try reloading the page.

  3. Palin reminds me of it-bhu exams, irrespective of whatever the question is, the answer is gonna be the same as what she wants to speak :-)