Thursday, October 30, 2008

Quiz : What is this song about?

First of all, I love Dhingana, for their flash-based audio, and embeddable player :).

So, here is your task: Listen to the "maa da laadla" song in the list below:

and tell me in the comments, what do you think this song is about? How exactly did the "maa da laadla" [mother's boy] get crooked? This peppy song is definitely worth a second listen, trust me :). Also, the other songs are also pretty cool.

For those who give up, I recommend looking at the comments of the post, or watching the video [ref:satarkB]. Also, I never thought I'd say this about her, but Pinky Chops looks HOT in the swimsuit in that video :) [and so does John A, to be perfectly honest :)].

Hint: I got a T-shirt abt it, one of my most fav. ones :)


  1. fine by me .... hehehehehe
    sahi hai. ab to sunna hi padega :P

  2. Anonymous7:21 PM song!! and will check out dhingana, looks interesting site

  3. In panktiyo mein kavi ne ek Samlaingik pravriti ke ladke ke baare mein kaha hai.
    Kaise admi admi se pyar karne laga.
    Kaise Premika na milne pe Premi dhoond liya.

    Mittr iske uprant humein "Patwa Rasila" kavita ki yaad nahi ati kya?

  4. waah waah jassi bhai.. maza aa gaya!