Saturday, October 04, 2008

When will the killings stop?

I sometimes try to think like an extremist -- while still trying to be logical -- just to see what might go on in their mind.

Let us assume some people came into _my_ land, and took over. They tried to spread their ideology, and I think it was forcible.

So one fine day, I decide to take action, and drive them away, and take back what is mine.

So, I decide that they must die.

In my wierd stretched logic, I also decide that "collateral damage" is OK. So I won't just kill the armed enemies, I will also kill the "support-system" including women, children, and old people.

But why the $@#% do I have to gang-rape someone before killing her?!!!

Even when I try to think like an extremist, this part does not make any sense to me. Can someone help to explain it to me here?


  1. this is beyond human logic as only animal instincts are in play here.

    Damn those &#!&)!*$+

  2. its not _you_ (singular) who indulges in rape...its YOU (plural) who does...

    When you talk of represent people and remember people (plural) include the rapists....

    Its the price _you_ (singular) pay when you think you represent the group. Be it punjab of 47, be it assam of 82, be it orrisa of 08.

    The _you_ is taken over by many of _them_ who use this opportunity for their hidden desires...

    Its out of my understanding as to how do people get a hard on when they are taking _revenge_ (as they claim)...

  3. Two suggestions...may be I am putting them here just to sound *neutral*...
    First...Black swan by Nassen Nicholas Taleb
    Second...the bhojpur part (justifying extremists of left wing) in Hazaaro Khwahishein Aisi..

  4. As am not used to commenting...I am putting things to the paper as and when they are coming in my mind.

    The link provided by you (timesofindia) just takes the reader to the media version of whatever news you are giving...I would suggest you to talk to the people personally before using any of the news thrown by media...

    I am saying this because even I used to do the same before...and used to wonder as to why such things happen...why do people do such things...and i had no answers...
    What i found was that media suffers from a disease of partial coverage...and irony is that not one but all of the players in the _media_ somehow unknowingly do it...

    I found the same in case of Mangalore episode of last month...

    Now I personally contact the affected/locals in case I have to find something...and let me share this with you...things are very different...the questions and answers..the problems and the so called factors and idealogies are very different from what we know sitting in our reading rooms/workplaces.

  5. hello my friend,

    here we go.

    rape is not violent sex. it is sexualized violence. and there are different kinds of extremists/terrorists. they are all fighting for political aims, but their four main categories of leftist, rightist, ethnonationalist/separatist, and sacred terrorist may more clearly help to identify and understand their logic and behavior. so how can anybody explain such an act?

    depending on what type of terrorist we're talking about, one may be more inclined to engage in gang rape than another, being less prone to reason, more engaged in cult-like mentality. okay. that doesn't explain much though.

    the bigger, feminist explanation.

    when colonists take over a land and dominate its people, there is a reason why we say that these white men are "raping the land." the white colonists represent a dominant, hyper-masculine culture that perceives those whom they are dominating as of a weaker, primitive, and dare is say, feminine civilization. strength is male. weakness is female.

    so if a man has been seen as effeminate because his culture has sunk to its knees before the white man, and that man needs to reaffirm the strength of his culture and reclaim it for himself, he needs to rape the land of the white man to get even, to prove his own virility. a genocide of the magnitude of wiping out the aborigines of australia or the native americans of the U.S. is not an option to the extremist. but killing the innocent and vulnerable of his enemy is. he chooses to rape the land before he destroys it.

    that's the best i have. pick up a copy of cynthia enloe's "the curious feminist" for some really clever and informative essays on this topic.

  6. @all: Thanks for the comments. Gives some clarity to my mind on this topic.

    @aviral [on the media topic]: Point taken on media bias, and appreciate your efforts to contact those on the ground. But I guess what I want to focus in this post is that gang-rape was committed before killing a woman. By whom, to whom, are really not my concern, since this happens all the time, just the names/backgrounds of the perpetrators and the victims change.

    The question I guess I am still trying to answer is "what justifies this inhumane act".

  7. @Animesh
    nothing...nothing can justify a rape...

    BTW...Countries/Militaries use rape as a weapon to establish their hold... Indian Army used this technique when they had to crush MNF (Mizo National Front) to control the unrest resulting from the neglect of the region when 'bamboo flower' drought hit them.

    Same has been the case in Darfoor.

  8. a movie named 'dansh' is based upon the concept of 'rape as a military dominance weapon'

    Do watch it if you get hold of it...

  9. @aviral: Thanks for the movie pointer. Will watch out for it.