Wednesday, October 29, 2008

On Women's "health" and some melodious music

There is a lot to talk about, as there is a lot wrong with the world [and my motherland] today, ranging from non-adequately overseen, underpaid, and under-pressure cops 'catching' 'terrorists' of all backgrounds, people from state A trying to push out workers from state B, who then for some reason are going back to their own state and destroying the public property there! And of course, the whole hindus-kill-christians-because-they-cause-conversions issue. Sure seems like the elections are approaching in the one-billion+ human-filled smorgasbord we call India/Bharat/Hindustan.

But I will talk about all that some other day [perhaps when the sh*t really hits the fan -- the ceiling in the room of Indian craziness it as high as its population density]. I will use the limited time I have today to give you a video about the election that is only 7[6?] days away, and some music to soothe you while you grapple with the death and insanity going on right now.

First, Jon Stewart of the "Daily" Show talks about McCain's use of "air quotes":

I LOVE Sam Bee!!
[aside: How many of you know what I am referring to you when I say "laser"? :)]

And moving on, here is my pick of playlist today from dhingana.

Here's to peace.

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  1. LOL great video! :) You know I'm a sucker for anything with "women's health" in the title. ;)