Thursday, October 09, 2008

The Big Battle Between Good and Evil

It was so simple in the good old days, things were so black and white [figuratively, as well as cinematically]. The good prince from northern India fought with the evil power-corrupted king of Sri Lanka, and on this day by the lunar calendar, many eons ago, the force of good won over the force of evil.

Yes, Shubh Dussehra/Vijayadashmi to you too!

But nowadays, the battles are more colored. More gray than black and white. Take this one for example [full video, full flash and MP3 audio, and great analysis here]. As always, JS covers it best.

And comments on the body language and the general environment of the debate by the moderator are here.

Of course, the game is far from over, with both candidates taking donations from financial companies, and unwilling to tell the people that the borrowers _are also_ to blame for this, not just the lenders. Hence the grayness.


In other world-is-going-to-hell news, according to the Red List released recently, "at least 25% of the world's mammal species are at risk of extinction, according to the first assessment of their status for a decade".

The BBC has covered it here, New Scientist has maps for this, and pictures of some of the at-risk animals is at this NatGeo page [ref: J]. Yes, the Indian Tarantula is also at risk due to "over-harvesting for the pet trade" according to the BBC.

Add to it the wars in the world, the increasing violence in India, and this segment from the Rama wikipedia article comes to mind.
"The Ramayana speaks of how the Goddess Earth, Bhumidevi, came to the Lord Creator, Brahma begging to be rescued from evil kings who were plundering her resources and destroying life through bloody wars and evil conduct."

I surely think the time has come. The Earth surely is begging for help. Is anyone listening?


  1. "I surely think the time has come. The Earth surely is begging for help. Is anyone listening?"
    I'm sure someone up there would be listening, but unfortunately they won't comment on your blog to confirm that... :P

  2. This was the story in Mahabharat not Ramayan!

  3. @Manu: Which story? The one about Rama and Ravan? I think it was in the Ramayan. Please clarify.

  4. No I was talking about the story where "Bhudevi" goes to Lord Brahma. I seem to remember that was before the Eight Incarnation of Vishnu - Sri Krishna.

  5. @manu: Ah. hmmm. Perhaps you are true. In any case, it still keeps its relevance :). Thanks for the sleuthing.