Tuesday, October 07, 2008

I am a BeeriCorn!

What is a Beericorn?

What happens when the guys at Tremendosaur outsource one of their comedy scripts to India?

and How am I involved in this?

Well, see for yourself :) [link to their page]

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Thanks to Jacob and Justin for involving Adarsh, Pathik and me in this project of theirs :).

Disclaimer: There seems to be a confusion. Please note that the scripting, production, direction, editing, all was done by Tremendosaur. Adarsh, Pathik and I just acted [badly] :).


  1. Haa haa...how did you land up in this? Or should i say how did jacob and justin land up with you?

    Liked those DD-type effects you put but the script could have been stronger. Though it was weirdly funny at places...

  2. To be fair, the script was completely theirs, and so was the editing/direction etc. They thought of the DD effects themselves :).

    I was only acting :).

    BTW, they know me since we [Vidushaks and their improv group - Second Nature] are mutual fans :)

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  4. ha ha ha....Good one Bro!!

    It might have needed some more work...but it was a good attempt. Was it your last performance before leaving US?