Saturday, May 02, 2009

Chamko! A sweet soap :-)

Not sure how many of you have seen Chashm-e-buddoor (wiki, imdb), but it is one of my favorite sweet middle-class romantic comedies.

So if you got some time, rather, _when_ you get some time, have a look.

M personal favorite scene is the Chamko soap one, which is around 45:00. :). Simply the best!

Sorry for removing the embedded version - it asks for a password. You need to register on the site to view videos.

In lieu of that, I give you two nice songs from the movie. However, nothing matches the chamko sabun scene :)

Here's wishing for more contemporary sweet middle class romantic comedies! (e.g., the first part of Oye Lucky)


  1. I have seen this movie and that chamko scene is awesome.The fake description versus reality of meeting of rakesh bedi and ravi vasvani with deepti naval is hilarious.Thanks for reminding such superb film of 80's...

  2. Good times dude .. good times! I loved this movie the first time I watched it ages ago.
    But two things struck me when I was trying to see the clip again, both totally irrelevant to the movie -
    1. This Rajshri site works better on firefox than IE. Infact, that login thing doesnt seem to work in IE.
    2. The ad I got to see before the movie started was this BJP ad which was quite progressive showing Advani as the solution to all of India's problems and the way forward. I dont have an opinion on the topic but I am happy with the looking forward aspect of the ad and not bickering and finger pointing like many of the ads in the US.

    Last but not not least, I recently saw another Deepti Naval movie; quite different from this one and made recently - Firaaq. She might not be the beauty she was in Chasm-e-baddoor but she can still act amazingly well.

  3. @Y: Thanks

    @DK: Point 1 is pretty interesting. Did you try on Mac or Linux too?
    Regarding point 2, indeed it was nice to see that the ad focuses on the "strength" and "fearlessness" of LKA (on which I have doubts, but whatever), and only goes slightly negative in their "yeh desh kya se kya ho gaya" bit. Overall pretty positive.
    They also seem to have learnt from their "india shining" mistake and are focussing more on "we will make india shine".

    In any case, with the terribly low turnouts in places like Mumbai, one wonders if the online ad-viewing junta is voting or has gone back to its (a)pathetic existence.

    And yes, I should look for firaaq now. Deepti Naval is amazing!

  4. Yeah, I saw the movie a while ago for the first time and loved it too.