Sunday, May 31, 2009


For those of you who are still unaware of Google Wave, here is the question they aim to answer:

"In the current world which is aware of IM, blogs, and microblogs, what if one was to re-invent email from scratch, using the experience gained from exposure to these communication paradigms"

The answer, created by the same guys who created google maps and wowed us, is below. I strongly recommend watching the whole video, it gets more amazing as it progresses.


  1. Microsoft is lagging behind google by each way.When they are now bringing BING as search engine,now on google has taken quantum leap in software are with this google wave.I am feeling the quake in software markets.But the best part is that it is open source...Now beat that

  2. We’ve seen Google change the way we think about entrenched technologies many times before (read: search, Gmail, Google Maps, etc.).The playback lets anyone rewind the wave to see who said what and when.I like that part.Animesh Sir,Thanks for sharing the video with us.

  3. I have an unrelated first question. Youtube doesn't allow videos more than 10 minutes long. how did they put up an 80-minuter there?

    (It will take me some time to stream the whole thing and find time to check this out. Will comment again if it inspires.)

  4. @Varun: because Google _owns_ youtube :-).

  5. Sharjeel12:40 AM


    Microsoft demonstrated "wave" capability in 2005 for it's future office platforms when I started at the company. Look out for a demo of Office 2010 which will come with this technology. =)

    Essentially, in the business of technology, everyone hits upon the same idea. The key is bringing it rapidly to market in a presentable and consumable way, and yes, Microsoft hasn't been nimble enough in doing that, but that doesn't mean its a spent force.

    Give bing a shot, its pretty cool.

    you, microsoft bashers, you!

  6. @sharjeel: Please provide citation to show the "wave" feature in Office 2010. Also, will MS be open-sourcing its protocol too?

    Also, about bing, I heard a lot, so I went there, and searched for my fav. term "half-life". Sorry, but the google page is way better laid out than the bing one - I didn't get the hype about it. Maybe it will behave better if I search for something specific.

    Indeed, if you _did_ want to pitch for MS, the thing to showcase is the XBox motion sensing camera video.

  7. @sharjeel - didn't quite finish my previous comment before hitting submit.

    You won't have one of those xbox natal kits with you for "promotional giveaways", now would you? :-)

    P.S. Tried some more searches on bing - sorry, but I am missing the hype somehow

  8. @Sharjeel: Me again. Just realized that the bing site looks better when I set my location to US-English. The france site was the one which was not set-up right I guess. The cash-back option is nice.

  9. Sir, u have not provided any updates of french open till now. U will give few moments to russian beauties & King fedrer or not...

  10. I watched the entire video and before it was over I was already googling "google wave" and I signed up for updates... I'm excited to try it out for myself!!

    How are you doing??

  11. I just watched this video after your recent post. This is amazing how few dedicated people can change a small idea into such software.