Friday, May 01, 2009

Strong Emotions

For strong outrage:
Homes of Sikhs razed in Pak; India irked

[would like this to be read by the guy who was selling me the idea yesterday of how "moral policing" is needed for society - I am sure the Taliban feel that enforcing shariya is " moral"]


7 teachers, 2 students drown in Gujarat

WTF?!!? How do 9 people drown together! What were their buddies doing?
and FYI: I myself have been in a precarious situation back in a picnic during my college days, but it wasn't like 9 of us were in risk of drowing and noone saw it.


For strong wow!ness
My Valetine's day gift to you - an Onion!
[ref: J]


And for strong, satirical laugher, these:

A great tale of poetic justice (watch till the end):

and then, I am amazed at the probability knowledge of the science teacher in the clip :P

and in other news, I am off to Pisa on Sunday evening! Any travel tips?

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  1. Get me a photo of the leaning tower of Pisa :)