Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Some Ghazals

Will be posting about my trip to the center court on the opening day of the french open in a bit, but for now, here are some ghazals I am listening to.

My favorite, if one can choose among these gems, is ranjish hi sahi. The lyrics in the devnagri script are here, and in Roman script (with full translation) is here. A direct link to its video is here.

One of my fav. lines here
किस किस को बताएँगे जुदाई का सबब हम
kis kis ko bataayengay judaai kaa sabab ham
Who else must I explain the reason of separation

तू मुझ से ख़फ़ा है तो ज़माने के लिए आ ।
tu mujh se khafaa hai to zamaanay kay liyay aa
Come, despite your displeasure, to continue the ceremony


  1. lovely ghazal..kaifi azami ke hai na?
    80's was golden era of ghazals on the film.Thanks for sharing it.

  2. baaki kee 9 ghazal bhi acchi hain. golden collection.

  3. eww .. the english translation to this gem is unfortunately pathetic .. second line specially. 'to continue the ceremony' ? naah .. some verses are better said in our mothertoungue ..

    These lyrics cannot be explained by mere translation, you have to understand India to appreciate these frankly ..

    but thnx for reviving the memories anyways .. :-)