Thursday, May 14, 2009

Desi Folk Remixed

Not much to write today, but thought I'd share what I am swaying to right now. I must say I get very happy when I hear (good) remixes of folk songs.

Below, you will find "genda phool" (Delhi 6) and "pardesi" (Dev D). If you got any recommendations, please post them in the comments, and I'd be happy to add them.

and if you are interested in Indian poll predictions [or in smiling :-)], I strongly recommend reading the Daily Tamasha's scoop that a newborn is predicting the results now!!


  1. I think you swapped the film's names... genda phool is from Delhi - 6 :)

  2. Thanks Nishant. Fixed.

  3. this genda phool song is awesome!!

  4. Anonymous3:55 PM

    A couple of songs in 'Aamir' are also folk-based, music done by Amit Trivedi (Dev D) again. 'Chakkar Ghumyo' is a personal fav' too.

  5. @Khanna: Thanks.

    @Varun/thedailytamasha: The Chakkar Ghumyo song is nice and peppy, but does not qualify as a "remix" IMO.