Wednesday, May 06, 2009

The Tower and the Gelato

The Tower:

and the Gelato:

And for more, check out the entire album.

Am crazy busy with my presentation, so here are some quick facts.
1. Had gone to Pisa for a project meeting. (yup, work related :-) )
2. Missed my flight, rather, wasn't allowed on my flight since I had only taken my work-permit card to the airport. In my immense smartness, I thought that it will be enough of a photo ID. Needless to say, I was wrong :P.
3. Luckily, got the next day's flight. Half a day of meeting, and a wonderful dinner by the seaside missed :(.
4. Saw snowcapped mountains under the clouds while flying (perhaps the alps). And then I saw one mountain peak piercing through the layer of clouds! surreal! Sadly, the camera was in the overhead compartment.
5. _Walked_ from my aircraft into the terminal at Pisa airport. Very much like Patna :D
6. Total time spent in Pisa: under 24 hours.

The rest of the story is in the pictures, in 40,000 words ;-).

And for those who missed the link to the album, thanks to my blog' colors,


  1. ghumkkar shastra part 2 ab aap likh dijeye with brilliant snaps embedded in it...cheers for an easy rider...

  2. bahut badhiya pics hain sardaar :)
    Pisa dhanya ho gaya bilkul !!

  3. @Y: Thanks.
    @D: Hai na pisa-wasool? :P